Use software tool to iCloud Unlock Activation Lock for free

This article will inform you how you can solve the issue of having iCloud Unlock lock on your iCLoud account. Many users of iPhones who have faced this issue, know how annoying it may be. You cannot use your phone freely and you have limited access to it. That’s why many users complain about having this issue.

The most irritating thing when you have this problem is that it is difficult to solve it. Everything you can do is to visit an official Apple store, but you will have to spend a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. For this reason, we introduce to you the iCloud Unlock. It is a hack tool which will help you Unlock the lock on your iPhone device easily and permanently. And the best thing about this tool is that it is completely free. Nothing will be required from you, you should just download it from the links provided below.

iCloud Unlock

How the iCloud Unlock for iPhone works?

As we mentioned above, this is a hack tool, developed to help those users of iPhones who have bought their phones second hand or have lost their passwords for some reason. It works by penetrating directly to the Apple’s database from where it Unlock the lock permanently.

This tool is completely secure and safe for using and it is completely free of viruses. It was used by thousands of users so far, and all of them left their positive feedback on our web page.

Guideline with free instructions for iCloud Lock Activation Unlock

The instructions for using this tool are not complex at all.You just need to be precise and not miss some of the steps. Here are they provided for you:

  • Download the tool from the given links
  • Unzip it and install it on your PC
  • Use USB cable to connect your PC and the iPhone
  • Select the model of iPhone
  • Provide the IMEI code of your phone
  • Wait while the initialization process is finished
  • After the reboot of your phone, go to iTunes and make Restore and update
  • Create the new credentials for your phone

As you can see, the instructions are really simple. Just visit our website and download the tool and you will iCloud Unlock the lock on your iPhone in a very short time. Try it, there is nothing you can lose!

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