How To Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Activation Lock by IMEI Number

If you have bought your iPhone 6 second hand than you probably know about the issue of having iCloud lock on it, and is need to Unlock iCloud iPhone locked. This usually happens when the owner of the phone didn’t provide you the ID and password for it. However, this issue is really annoying and everyone who has faced it is desperately looking for a solution for it. Now, we want to inform you that you should not visit Apple stores anymore and you can remove the lock right from your home. You can do this by the help of an amazing tool, known as the Unlock iCloud tool. Here you can learn how it works and where you can find it.


iCLoud Activation Lock on iPhone 6About the Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Lock tool

The Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Lock tool can be downloaded for completely free from the links which are available only on our website. The iCloud Lock can help you unlock any iPhone 6 permanently. Though the Activation lock feature was introduced in order to increase iPhone’s security, it still has many disadvantages. That’s why the Unlock iCloud tool was released, to help those users who have problems caused by this feature. The best part about this tool is that you should not go to Apple’s stores anymore and pay money for their professional service, but you can do it yourself from your home or any other place and without having to pay for that.

The tool can be used by anyone, as the procedure is very simple. So, you don’t need to possess any special computer skills, you should just follow the provided instructions.

How to Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Lock by IMEI Number

  • The first step is to download the Unlock iCloud iPhone 6 Activation Lock tool from the links provided for you below. You should be careful when searching on the Internet not to encounter a scam webpage which offers such services, because they might steal from you some of your personal info or money. Make sure to download it fro our website.
  • Then, unzip the tool and install it on your PC which you will connect through USB cable with the iPhone 6 you want to unlock.
  • Select the model of iPhone from the list that will appear on your screen.
  • Click start and wait while the tool is finishing the process.
  • At last, when your phone is being Auto-rebooted by the tool, you an Restore and Update it and create the new credentials for it.

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