Remove the iCloud Lock via the best iCloud remover tool

After Apple implemented their defensive feature Find my phone, many user find it difficult to solve the problem with locked devices. If you search online, you will find a lot of services, but of course you should pay a certain amount of money for their help. This problem was ended when our IT experts developed the iCloud Remover tool, which is available for free. Now you can get rid of the Activation Lock in a very short time and you can the customize you settings as you like it. And you don’t need money for it. You should just download this tool from the links on our website. And it doesn’t matter which model of iPhone you have, because it works for all of them, even for iPod and iPad touch and all IOS versions. What is very important is that the tool can be used by everyone, even by those who are not IT experts, because the procedure is very simple.

iCloud Remover Tool

Instructions for using iCloud Remover Lock tool

The most important thing is that there are no risks for you if you decide to use this iCloud Remover tool. It is legal and verified and it is completely free. It cannot damage you because it doesn’t require to reveal your personal data. And it cannot harm your computer or device because it is free of viruses or any other malware. The process consists of several steps:

Step 1: In order to use it, first you need to download it from our website and then install it on your computer

  1. Step 2: Connect the iCloud lock device to the computer where the iCloud Remover tool is installed (use USB cable)
  2. Step 3: Pick the model of iPhone from the given list of models
  3. Step 4: Start the initializing process
  4. Step 5: Wait while the process is in progress
  5. Step 6: Wait while the process of rebooting is in progress
  6. Step 7: The process is done! Your iPhone is lock-free!

You managed to remove iCloud lock permanently. Now you can use your phone again, create your new password and ID and configure the setting as you like. This is the easiest and simplest solution for you. You will safe your money and your time and finish the job all by yourself. Don’t hesitate to recommend this tool to your friends. Leave your comments on our official website!

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