Qualcomm fast Rapid charger for phones

Imagine having a phone that you can charge in less than a minute in order to get the 5 hours of battery life? Well that is exactly what the brand new Snapdragon processor will be able to do for you in the following years. They say it will be possible in 2017 but we doubt it. Quick charge 4 is the brand new product from Snapdragon that provides your phone with the super fast charging technology. 5 minute charge for a 5 hour battery life, that is the dream right? It will be possible in the near future because the Snapdragon 835 is already announced and presented last week.

They have put a lot of hard work in this, and they believe that they will be the leader in selling processors in the 2017. Quick charge is not a feature you can just buy, you will be able to have this feature only if you buy a mobile phone that has a Snapdragon 835 inside it. Those phones will not be cheap at all but you guys will be able to afford them for a little extra bucks.


The researches show that over 60 % of the mobile phone and tablet users over the world want the better battery life in their favorite devices. Not a better camera, not better performance but instead a better battery life, that is exactly why Snapdragon processors will be so popular in the following period if this idea really comes to life in 2017 like they have said at the presentation of this brand new and amazing product.

Some people may be sceptic about the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 but do not be, this Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will have 3 different levels of voltage protection which will make it completely safe unlike the Galaxy Note 7.

30 % more batter efficiency combined with the 20 % faster charge time including that first 5 minutes of charging that will boost your battery life to 5 hours of use which is awesome. These phones that will come in the next following years will be expensive for sure, and not every smartphone will have this amazing processor built inside it, but we can ensure you that every flagship Android phone will have one of these built inside them.

The best of all is that Snapdragon processors will not be limited only to smartphone industry, they will be also built in VR headsets and drones and these two will also be able to charge faster than ever before. Some of these devices that will have Snapdragon Quick charge option will be able to reach 50 % battery life in under 15 minutes of charging. That is pretty amazing considering that we often need to rush somewhere and we realize that our phone’s battery is near 5 % and after 5 minutes you will be able to leave home and have 5 or 6 hours of battery life with ease. That is how awesome the technology is. Have a nice day guys, thank you for reading this article we have prepared for you today.

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