New IMEI Changer program

How to modify the old IMEI Changer number on your mobile phone and change it directly from the database? Well, the answer to this question will be explained in this short article. But before we get to that point, let’s explain why it is important to know how to change the IMEI code of your mobile phone and to what purpose it serves.
Perhaps you are not aware but there are many advantages of having a factory unlocked device and in case you did not know, if you change the IMEI Changer you can factory unlock your device and use SIM cards from different mobile operators.

Permanent factory unlock with IMEI Code change

IMEI Changer

If you decide to modify the identification number of your device, you will soon realize how good decision you have made. As you may be aware most of the mobile operators use the IMEI number to activate the contracts and impose SIM locks on the mobile devices which they offer or sell for cheaper prices. And thanks to the IMEI code lock, the users are forced to use the SIM card from the particular network provider which has sold them the device and cannot switch to different mobile networks even though they may offer better services and calling tariffs.
In order to tackle this issue, many users are taking drastic measures and some are even accessing the database of the carriers to try to remove the restriction and make their device unlocked.
However, this is a very difficult task and very risky, so in case you get caught you may be faced with criminal charges.

Application for IMEI Changer

The new version of the application for IMEI change has been around for several years and has helped many users from different countries. It is quite easy to use this application because it has user friendly interface. On top of that you can use this application to reset or format the IMEI code of your device as many times as you want. After the procedure of IMEI code change is completed, the old code will be permanently erased from all the databases and your device will be factory unlocked.
And the best part about all of this is the facts that this application is free and you can get the factory unlock solution without having to waste money.

How to use IMEI Changer Program

Get the application on your computer and install it. Once launched you will be prompted to enter the IMEI code of the handset, the year it was manufactured as well as the network carrier to which it is currently locked to.
After you have successfully entered the required data just press the button “Change IMEI “ and in period of several hours the old IMEI code of your handset will be modified and permanently changed.

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