iCloud Unlock Tool on any iPhone for Free

If you are an iPhone owner, than you probably know about the feature iCloud Unlock Activation lock. It protects your iPhone from unauthorized use and from thefts. Since Apple introduced this feature, the number of thefts decreased drastically. However, very often users complain about this feature because they got their iPhones locked unintentionally and that’s very annoying.

This often happens to those users who have bought their iPhones second hand and the previous owner didn’t provide them the ID and the password of the phone. Also, in case when you purchased your iPhone from an Internet service, such as ebay.
The users affected by this problem are desperately looking for a solution and we are glad to say the the search ends here. Finally, the iCloud Unlock tool that will definitely solve your problem and Unlock the lock of your iPhone was developed and released. It was found by a team of hackers and it is known as the Unlock iCloud lock tool. This tool penetrates to the Apples servers and Unlock the lock from the Apple’s database permanently. It works for all models of Apple devices and what is most important for you it is completely free.

iCloud Unlock

How to use the iCloud Unlock Lock tool?

The tool is very simple for using and the whole process is explained in details how to Unlock iCloud lock on your iPhone. Here are the step by step instructions provided for you:

  1. Download the iCloud Unlock tool only from the links on our website which are available for free download.
  2. Then install the tool on your computer and run as Administrator.
  3. Connect the PC and the device via USB cable.
  4. Choose the model of your iPhone.
  5. Provide the IMEI code of your device.
  6. Click on start and wait while the Unlock iCloud Lock tool finishes the process automatically.
  7. Your phone will be Auto-rebooted at the end of the removing process.
  8. Then you should just Restore and Update it via iTunes.

Everything that is left for you to do is to set the parameters for your iPhone and create the new credentials for it. The iCloud Unlock tool works 100% and the success is guaranteed. The process is very simple and the instructions are provided for you, all you should do is to follow them. There is no reason not to download and try this iCloud Unlock tool. There is nothing you can lose because it is completely free. So, don’t wait and download it now!

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